To all those looking to purchase a newly constructed home, you can earn a 15%- 25% rebate on their High Ratio Insurance Premium through the insurer’s Energy Efficient Home Program. This program is not only for those building new homes, but those making energy efficient improvements to their existing homes. Energy-efficient homes can be linked to increased comfort and healthier living while improving energy efficiency reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers the cost of owning and maintaining your home. With all the increased utility bills around Ontario; this is the time to invest in an energy efficient home.

There are many steps you can take in order to build an energy efficient homes such as; comprehensive air leakage control, securing roofs and attic, basement insulation, insulating walls and upgrading windows and doors.

The links below explain further the requirements in order to qualify for these programs: CMHC:

Canada Guarantee:


The application forms can be found under any of the links above; and once qualified the money comes directly back to you!