Nicole Tracey

Mortgage Agent
Nicole Tracey

With a Psychology degree under my belt and over a decade in the human services field, I have made a significant change in my career path and transitioned into the real estate field. I was incredibly fortunate to be mentored by two established agents prior to me coming to the Mortgage Centre. These mentors instilled in me an unshakable dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Also, that my personal touch is invaluable when it comes to my work with clients. When a recruitment opportunity to gain experience with a mortgage brokerage in an administrative role presented itself I was excited by the career potential.  

I immediately began the  required education with MPC while learning the mortgage processes from A to Z. Shortly after completing my education I joined a terrific team at The Mortgage Centre Hometown Financial with Julie Brenneman at the helm. We are excited to be currently establishing a local office in Stratford. This is where I will be serving this marvelous community I call home!  

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