Separating from a partner can take an emotional and financial toll on your everyday life. When you own property together, it makes it even more difficult. During a separation, it is still important to maintain your credit and monthly obligations. This may prove almost impossible with the loss of one income.


I can help with refinancing during their matrimonial split. As of May 2012, certain lenders have introduced a program that allows you to utilize the existing equity in your home to benefit both parties in a separation. On approved credit, Genworth and CMHC will refinance your existing home up to 95% loan to value during a matrimonial split (as opposed to the 80% refinancing rules). Clients can utilize existing equity to:
  • Consolidate joint matrimonial debt, pay mortgage penalties, legal fees, and payout other spouse to have them removed from title
I have numerous lenders that will consider this exception based transaction, even if all the banks won’t