Information We Need from You to Complete an Application

First things first, before we can tell you if you are approved, or the rates you may qualify for – we need to complete the application process. People tend to jump the gun and request a rate quote before anything, and while we can provide a ball park based on some factors, we cannot be accurate in this estimate without completing an application.

Personal Information:

  • You and co-borrower (if applicable) will need to provide:
    • Full names
    • Birth dates
    • Contact information (ie. Phone number, e-mails)
    • Current address
    • Dependents Info
    • Social Insurance Number (needed to run credit report)

Employment Information:

  • We will need the name and location of your current employer, and if less than 3 years, previous employer as well
  • Type of business
  • Current position
  • Work schedule (part-time/full-time)
  • Number of years in position and field
  • *Self-employed Borrowers* – provide T1 generals for the previous 2 years
    • They will also need proof of income tax paid

Assets and Liabilites:

  • Assets can consist of – savings, vehicles, properties, investments, etc.
  • Child support/Spousal Support Payments

Current Mortgage Information:

  • If you already have an existing mortgage, we will need the most recent mortgage statement

New Purchase Information:

  • MLS and Purchase Agreement

We can start an application over the phone or in person without all the information above, but it helps to have this readily available to get the process rolling. Contact us today for more information on the application process.